7 MasterClasses by Celebrities on Arts

Have you ever dreamt of learning your passion from celebrities? If you have, there’s good news for you: you actually can! The masterClass is an online platform that allows well-known public figures to teach others their craft and abilities.

Online learning has become popular recently, but this is something else. You’ll be learning from people who actually got a job and excelled in their field. If you like the Arts, here are some courses you might want to take a look at:

1) From Ideas to Art

First thing’s first. If you want to become an artist or excel in your passion, you must master your creativity. Having ideas is easier than turning them into art, which is why this course was created.

You’ll be learning from Es Devlin, a well-known British set designer, and artist. She knows sharing what’s inside of you can be challenging but the most beautiful thing in the world. She’ll teach you how to turn your inner thoughts into tangible crafts.

2) Art and Creativity

Along the same lines, you’ll find the Jeff Koons course fascinating. You’ll learn how to turn objects into art, taking size, color, and texture into perspective.

He’ll help you communicate and express your ideas and how to approach a canvas, among other lessons. If you’re an amateur in the Arts, this course is where you need to begin!

3) The Art of Storytelling

But maybe what you enjoy is telling stories. You’ve read for so long that you now want to be the writer. Then you make sure to check Neil Gaiman’s masterclass. He’s one of the greatest writers of our time, and he’s willing to teach you why.

Finding your voice and talent can be challenging, but Neil will guide you through every step, from worldbuilding to descriptions and dialogues.

4) Creative Writing

Maybe you wish to complement your storytelling journey. Then Margaret Atwood will teach you creative writing. Neil Gaiman’s course focuses on the story itself, whereas Margaret helps you see the big picture: historical accuracy, compelling characters, different genres, etc.

Combining courses #3 and #4 will give you an authentic, complete understanding of what is to create through the written word.

5) Acting with Natalie Portman

This Hollywood star leaves no one indifferent. She made it to the top, and now you can learn from your favorite actress. If you’re an aspiring actor or want to better your technique, here’s what you’ll learn: knowing and researching your character, physical gestures, improvisation, empathy, and much more.

6) Becoming a Filmmaker

Some people want to create their own visual crafts. Are you familiar with Titanic or Avatar? You sure are. These are some of the masterpieces James Cameron created during his career. As an award-winning director, James shares advice to become a filmmaker.

7) Marketing and Advertising as Art

Last but not least, maybe you’re into marketing. Do you want to use your creativity to sell products and change the world? If the answer is yes, Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein have lessons for you.

They’ll teach you how to bring humanity into your advertising, make it fun, tell a story, and more. Are you ready to have your content seen by millions?