6 Wifi Routers That Are Fast And Reliable

When it comes to WiFi routers, you should not focus on saving money and getting the cheapest one you can get. While you can get reasonable internet performance over a cheap WiFi router, they tend to be sluggish and have firmware issues. Ideally, you should look at brands that are well known, reliable, and that put out a wide range of products. You also want to look at WiFi routers made by brands that only deal with networking products such as Netgear.

6. Netgear AC750 WiFi Router (R6020)

While the Netgear AC750 is considered an entry-level router, it should suffice for a medium-sized apartment. It can reach speeds of up to 300+450 Mbps in dual-band mode and it comes with a very simple app that allows you to configure and monitor the router.

5. Netgear AC1200 WiFi Router (R6120)

The Netgear AC1200 is one of their mid-range WiFi routers that offers great reliability and easy management. The Nighthawk mobile app and web interface are intuitive and easy to manage even for a person that is not an expert in networking.

4. Netgear AC1200 WiFi Router (R6220)

If you live in a home with multiple rooms, you need to look at WiFi routers that have a longer range coverage. This will help you avoid the need of adding repeaters. The R6220 AC1200 from Netgear has better than average coverage and transfer speeds of up to 300+900 Mbps.

3. Netgear AC1750 WiFi Router (R6350)

If you want high transfer speeds but do not wish to pay a premium for it, the R6350 from Netgear should meet your expectations. It offers transfer speeds of 300+1450 Mbps in dual-band mode and supports streaming to up to 25 devices at the same time.

2. Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 WiFi Router (R7000P)

The R7000P Nighthawk AC2300 is one of the fastest WiFi routers from Netgear. It is not their top of line but offers more than enough performance for demanding users such as gamers that appreciate high transfer rates and low latency.

1. Netgear Nighthawk AX6600 WiFi Router (RAX70)

The Netgear Nighthawk RAX70 is considered their top-of-the-line router. It uses WiFi 6 technology which increases bandwidth and transfer rates. It can reach transfer rates of 1.2 Gbps + 4.8 Gbps + 600 Mbps making it one of the fastest WiFi routers that money can buy.