Floral Wedding Invitations | Greenvelope

Wedding invitations are an important detail when it comes to weddings. A wedding invitation is what sets the tone and mood of the event. It is used as a form of communication for the wedding couple and their guests. All the little details of the wedding are included in it. From the date and time of the wedding, venue, and table numbers, to the program details and dress code. It gives them a sneak peek of what they should expect.

If you’re planning on getting married soon I have here 4 beautiful _floral wedding invitations_ from GREENVELOPE  that are perfect for floral-themed weddings.

1. Vintage Floral Frame

You can never go wrong with vintage designs. The simple but classic style gives a beautiful and classy vibe. A touch of nature that tells you straight up what you can expect at the wedding. A serene setting surrounded by the beauty of flowers.

2. Floral Leaves

A clean and elegant design of floral leaves is best for outdoor spring or summer weddings. The unique shape and design of the leaves are the perfect touch to add to the flower-themed venue. A simple yet wonderful design that gives a refreshing feel.

3. Romantic Floral Wreath

The romantic floral wreath is the perfect symbol of eternal love. The bordering daisies give off a spring boho or rustic wedding vibe that is perfect for a bright positive day full of love.

4. Roses In Bloom

The simple and elegant roses at the top and bottom frame show a minimalist style that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The clean design of the roses is enough to tell its story. Blooming roses for a blooming bride and groom.