3 Latest Indoor Exercise Bikes

Indoor bikes can help you to work out at your home independently. The modern indoor bikes come with LED screens and natural leaning features. So, experience them.

3 Latest Indoor Exercise Bikes

1) VeloCore Bike By Bowflex

This exercise bike has two modes – stationary and leaning. Moreover, its adaptive fitness program, virtual coaching, and wi-fi touch screen make this bike an outstanding one.

2) C7 Bike By Bowflex

With around 100 resistance levels, you will experience a top-class JRNY mode. The bike has a 7-inch touch screen. But the best part of this bike is its scientific design. So, the bike will never tire you.

3) C6 Bike By Bowflex

The bike can monitor your heart rate and it has JRNY app support. Furthermore, the bike has got over 50 destinations loaded into its virtual screen. So, have a happy tour inside your house.