4 Digital Aura Frames to Add to your Space.

The best way to capture memories is through pictures. But sometimes you want to make them more beautiful by framing them. Below are some of the most amazing Aura frames to decorate your photos:

1. Carver Luxe

The Carver Luxe digital frame is elegantly designed, and complete with a weighted base to give you a slim appearance. Perfect for any home décor.

2. Mason

If you love a touch of stone, you will love this Mason frame. It’s seemingly carved from stone, to give it a beautiful appearance and feel. Plus, you can comfortably change the orientation of the frame by turning it on its side.

3. Mason Luxe

Sometimes, well, most of the time, simple is classy. This Mason Luxe digital photo frame is perfect for pairing with your simple design elements. It’s striking to bring brilliance to the room

4. Smith

This stainless steel magnificent frame resembles a fine piece of jewelry to give it a timeless design. It has the unlimited photo and video storage, so enjoy it as much as you want!