5 Delicious Prepared Meals

When you want to keep track of the number of calories you’ve eaten, you would want nothing more than to eat the right food while exercising regularly. We all know how you can’t lose weight if you only diet but don’t exercise and vice versa. Speaking of going on a diet, eating prepared meals would be a splendid idea, and here are some good ones made by Purple Carrot:

1.Roasted Vegetable Pilaf

This meal contains a ton of vegetables and only a little above 500 calories. Add that to the fact that it only takes two minutes to prepare it. After all, you’d want to take it as a suggestive signal to get tons of protein to your body.

2.Thai Noodles

If you are a fan of Pad Thai, then you should be familiar with this meal. It would satisfy your Thai cravings in more ways than one. After that, you would want to rejoice in the fact that it does not contain many calories.

3.Indian Butter Tofu

If you liked Indian butter chicken then this is a twist of it except no chickens were slaughtered in the process. All the ingredients used here are completely vegan so you are doing your part in conserving the planet’s natural resources. Besides, animals deserve to live on this planet for a long time and not get slaughtered just for food.

4.Mac n' Cheese

It is a flavourful twist on that classic pasta dish but you are going to enjoy the fact that this is completely plant-based. Of course, it won’t hurt to add a few mushrooms as the meat substitute.

5.Italian Pasta Bowl

Pictures simply don’t do justice to how good this pasta dish is. It has pesto sauce and a bunch of kale so you know you will enjoy it up until the last bite.