7 Fun and Exciting Christmas Cards for the Holidays

Christmas cards are simple yet special, as they can make everyone feel happy and jolly with just one piece of card. This is also a good way to send the Christmas cheer to your loved ones without going there physically to spend the time with them.

Christmas cards can also be great decor pieces, serving as cute memorabilia for all the friends and family who remembered you on this joyous occasion.

Here are some of the best picks for the best Christmas cards you can send to your loved ones.

Winter Jar Pop-up Card

We’re starting off with this gorgeous-looking pop-up Christmas card in the shape of a winter jar. Remember those snow globes filled with water and small white bits of plastic? We usually shake them up to see the “snow” fall onto the cute Christmas village inside the globe. Give them a great piece of nostalgia with this creative Christmas card.

Santa And The Gnomes Pop-up Card

We just can’t get enough of pop-up Christmas cards, so we’re adding this cute one featuring Santa Claus and his friendly gnomes spreading the love and joy this holiday season.

Mickey And Friends Pop-up Card

One great thing about Christmas is enjoying Disney offerings with friends and family. This officially licensed Mickey and Friends-designed pop-up card gives them special cheer for the holidays.

Handmade Nativity Card

Let us remind you of where it all began, two thousand years ago, in a manger in Bethlehem. This is a great Christmas card that can be a nice decor for any coffee table.

Christmas Candle Pop-up Card

Light up the lives of your loved ones with this beautifully crafted candle-themed pop-up card. This is a cute piece of art that you must preserve for the next generations to see.

Snowy Church Pop-up Card

This gorgeous Christmas pop-up card is shaped like a church in the middle of winter. You can display this on your living room table and spark conversations about this piece.

Holy Family Pop-up Card

Remember whose birthday it is that we’re celebrating now with this thoughtfully-crafted pop-up card. Watch as it makes everyone smile once they open it up to see your love and warmth messages written on the page.