Wave Series Products You Should Get | Therabody

Whether you’re an athlete, corporate worker, or just someone that experiences constant muscle ache and stiffness, you should invest in Therabody’s _Treatment Products Wave Series_. These products are built to help relieve your muscle pains and ease all the tension away. It is important to take proper care of your body to lead a quality lifestyle. These products will help you perform at your best.

6 Treatment Products From The Wave Collection

1 . Fitness Mat

If you’re fond of doing yoga or any type of workout you can do with a fitness mat, then this non-slip yoga and fitness mat is perfect for you. It is carefully designed for the user to be able to bend, stretch, and move their body with ease. The high-density rubber and cushioning provide users with a comfortable experience. The non-slip grip can help you perform quality and productive workouts. This includes a carrying case for you to put in your mat, and bring it anywhere.

2. Wave Solo

The smart vibration therapy device helps reduce tensions and improves your mobility. You can easily roll it across your arms, legs, feet, and back. It has 3 vibration frequencies that you can adjust to your comfort level.

3. Wave Duo

An ergonomically contoured therapy device that is shaped for more targeted treatment. It evenly applies pressure to the back muscles and even sides of the spine. It is designed to avoid unnecessary pressure on our back.

4. Wave Roller

Providing just the right amount of pressure to relieve your muscles from stress and tension. This roller targets larger muscle groups like the hamstrings and back. It allows for a complete full-body roll experience to help you completely recover and relax. The texture of the roller helps provide optimal pressure across different areas of your body.

5. Wellness Essentials Bundle

To experience maximum recovery, get yourself this bundle that consists of the Theragun Elite, Fitness Mat, Wave Roller, and TheraOne Sleep CBD Tincture for a better wellness routine. These devices will support you through your everyday lifestyle.

6. Complete Wave Series Bundle

If you’re having trouble deciding on which type of wave roller device you should get, I suggest you buy the complete wave series bundle. Each device was created to target specific areas of the body, The Wave Roller, Wave Duo, and Wave Solo complement one another. This will help you treat any type of muscle ache or tension easier with all three in your reach.