3 Best Aura Frames to Enjoy Your Favorite Memories At Home

A smart picture frame designed to fill your house with favorite pictures of you and your family is always a great gift idea. Creating a special space to remember past moments with beloved ones, no matter the distance is something really precious. Imagine doing so by instantly sharing photos from your smartphone.

With aura frames, you can enjoy sharing photos and videos really easily. There are plenty of frames for you to choose from, depending on your home’s decoration, personal preferences, and favorite colors.

With those in mind, we are here to propose 3 favorite aura frames to preload with photos and ensure your favorite moments come alive.

Mason Luxe To Enjoy Vibrant Colors and A Striking Effect

Perfect for both family moments or unique memories with friends, Mason Luxe has the first-class image quality and unlimited video storage. It is available in two striking colors: pebble and sandstone and its simple, yet elegant design is perfect for every modern house.

Smith-The Perfect Stainless Steel Frame to Create an Industrial Atmosphere

This platinum rose aura frame is perfect for portraits or landscapes. It is a modern, captivating and timeless design, ideal for modern rooms with an industrial look. If your living room uses cool raw unfinished decor, and concrete, metal objects, then Smith is the perfect aura frame.

Carver Luxe-An aesthetic Solution for Every Home Decor

A slim, sleek, and sophisticated frame with a large 10.1” widescreen display, Carver Luxe is perfect if you wish to pair two related photos side by side. Suitable for every home decor and featuring a weighted base, this frame is great for family portraits with your children or close relatives.