4 Useful Outdoor Tools

Leatherman provides a bunch of outdoor tools that you can use in due time. There will definitely come a few times when you would do a bunch of things and you will need tools for it. It is a good thing these tools are here:

1.Free T2

When you need to open plastic boxes, this tool will come in handy. Not only is it equipped with a screwdriver, but it also has a package opener. It even has a bottle opener so you can enjoy a bottle of beer whenever you choose to do so. Due to the fact that it has three screwdrivers, you can fix a bunch of stuff at home without anyone trying to disrupt it.

2.Skeletool Topo

The skeletal is packed with 8 tools that you can use when you deem fit to do so. One way to do it would be when you encounter large wires because it has a large wire cutter. Also, it has a combo knife that you can use in the kitchen.

3.Raptor Rescue

You won’t believe the number of tools you have in this one. You even have a ruler so you can measure things for future reference. Add that to the fact that you have an oxygen tank cutter for those who are working in a hospital. Additionally, it has strap cutters and ring cutters that will satisfy you in more ways than one.


It is no secret the Signal is for outdoor use due to the fact that you have 19 tools in it. You have a hammer, pliers, and even a wire stripper. When the going gets a bit tough, you can use the saw. When you need to open products, you can use the bottle opener or even the can opener. You even get a safety whistle