5 Great Accessories From Tire Agent

5 Great Accessories From Tire Agent

Are you looking for some helpful accessories that can help you and your car? Well, Tire Agent has some accessories that could get your attention. Anything can happen when you are driving, from tire troubles to low bat phones, it’s better to be prepared for just about anything, and Tire Agent can help you out with these possible issues. Check out these five great accessories that Tire Agent has to offer you.

1. Inflater

Underinflated tires are costly, and overinflated tires are dangerous. Having an Inflater can help you handle this tire issue with relative ease at an affordable price. With a simple click of a button, you will be able to have the suitable tire psi that your car would need. With the Inflater, you can inflate just about anything in just minutes. Featuring an all-in-one wireless air pump cable capable of pumping up to 150 psi, the Inflater is genuinely a great accessory.

2. Actiontrax

The best solution for problems involving vehicle recovery, the action tray is a great accessory that helps your tires get you unstuck. Actiontrax’s design is made with multiple inputs from racers and elite military units. This accessory features a sawtooth end that’s great for clearing out materials that keep your vehicle stuck.

3. Voltz

You didn’t get to charge your phone before leaving the house? Voltz has got you covered. This accessory charges your phone with solar power, a great way to charge your device when there’s no power source nearby. Voltz features durable solar panels that help transform the energy taken from the sun and use it to power up your device. Voltz also features an emergency flashlight and SOS light that can be accessed by clicking the side button, truly a handy accessory for emergencies.

4. Battery Boost-r

A convenient accessory, the Battery Boost-R is a great 3-in-1 device that can help you charge your car battery, charge devices, and light up dark areas. The Battery Boost-R makes a lot of problems hassle-free, handling and solving dead car battery issues with just one click, offering wireless charging to phones, and having a built-in LED flashlight and power bank in case of emergencies. The accessory’s size can make it easily storable in your glove compartment. Keep this accessory charged after use and have it around in your car to make your trips hassle-free.

5. Actiontrax (Metal Teeth)

The metal teeth version of the actriontrax accessory features 72 pre-installed metal “teeth ” which is a more extreme version of the earlier action tax. The metal teeth found on this accessory have a more prolonged use and lifespan than the polymer teeth found in the earlier version. A great accessory to get your tires unstuck with a longer storage life, this metal teeth version of actiontrax is worth the shot.