Protect Your Guns With These 6 Lightweight Gun Safes For Your Safety

Safety and security have always been a top priority for everyone. It is just right that we keep our guns in a place where they can be protected but well far away from children and pets that can cause accidents and injuries when they play with them.

We should have a safe place to put our guns, so having a light gun safe is just the best thing. With a light gun safe, you can ensure that your gums are protected, safe, and far from danger. It will also make your guns last long because they are not collecting dust anywhere else.

Here are the six top recommendations for the best light gun safes:

1.Answer Lightweight Model 8 Plus

This light gun safe allows for easy repositioning and can fit a few guns comfortably without fighting for space. This is also lightweight, so you can carry it whenever you need to move to different rooms or houses.


2.Answer Lightweight Model 8 Pro

What sets this apart from Model 8 Plus? It has more space for up to eight long guns with a provision for two handguns on the back of the door. It also comes with 17 more accessories worth $125, but you can get them free here.

3.Answer Lightweight Model 12 Plus

Need more space and security for your guns? Well, this one is the right light gun safe for you. It is tightly bolted and has a secure numbered lock system. You can store up to 12 long guns here and four handguns, together with the accessories, all in one secure place.

4.Answer Lightweight Model 12 Pro

Take the light gun safe game up a notch and choose this model. Aside from letting you keep up to 16 different guns inside, it has a secure makeup and an equally secure numbered lock system.

5.Answer Lightweight Model 8

Start off with this secure and safe light gun safe for your big toys. It can store up to eight long guns, two handguns, and all the other gun accessories you need when using them, whether for hunting or protecting your family.

6.Answer Lightweight Model 12

Convenience and safety are well within your reach with this spacious light gun safe. It can fit up to 12 long guns and four handguns (two on both doors) and your various gun accessories for easy organization.