8 Amazing Personal Protective Essentials You Should Have With You

Even though things are seemingly slowing down for the coronavirus pandemic, it is still imminent. There is still a need to exercise the safety and health protocols for everyone’s safety. Personal Protective Essentials are still relevant as it helps prevent the spread of the virus, especially when several countries experience fresh surges in the daily COVID cases.

Personal Protective Essentials are a must, so some of our recommendations are here.

1.Black 5-Ply KN95 Protective Adult Face Mask

We should still wear masks as it is still the best way to prevent the spread of diseases, especially the coronavirus. Wearing this KN95 mask is great, especially when going to public places.

2.Halyard N95 Particulate Filter Respirator And Surgical Mask

Take your mask game to the next level with this surgical mask. Most medical healthcare workers use this when they work in clinics and hospitals, so you know that you’ll be protected when you use it yourself.

3.Disposable Adult 3-Ply Blue Buffalo Plaid Face Mask

Add some color and personality to your masks by wearing this adult 3-ply mask. It is disposable, so you don’t have to worry about using the same mask repeatedly.

4.ASTM Level-3 Surgical Face Mask - 99% BFE - High Filtration Efficiency

This surgical face mask offers added protection with its high filtration efficiency, perfect for those who want to take their Personal Protective Essentials gaming up a notch.

5.Covid-19 Vaccinated Lapel Pin With Presentation Card

Show the world how protected you are with this lapel pin. Vaccination still helps curb the spread of the virus and protect our families, so do yourself a favor and wear this pin for everyone to see.

6.Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

It is advised by the CDC to constantly monitor your temperature if you become infected with the coronavirus. Thus, this digital infrared thermometer can help you monitor your progress without struggling to read where the mercury stops when you use traditional thermometers.

7.Next Level® Multifunctional Tri-Blend Adult Neck Gaiter Face Cover

We all know how COVID spreads, and sometimes, arming yourself with a face mask isn’t enough. Protect your face and neck with this comfortable face cover. You can use it as a scarf to keep your neck warm or put it up to your face for a mask substitute.

8.2-In-1 UV Phone Sanitizer With 10W Fast Wireless Charger

Lastly, most, if not all, of us cannot live without our phones. Also, we know how many viruses and germs live on our phones, so this phone sanitizer can come in handy. It also comes with a fast wireless charger to use wherever you are.