Top 6 Best Toy Gifts for Babies in 2022

A baby’s first toys can be some of the most cherished gifts they receive in their early years. You want something that’s educational and fun at the same time, but most importantly, you want to get something that will keep your baby entertained and smiling for hours on end. To help you find the best toys for babies, we have compiled a list of 6 favorite toys that babies love to play with.

The Block Set

The block set is one of those timeless toys that promote creativity and collaboration while providing hours of fun. They are solid wood blocks for building spatial and problem-solving skills for your kid. Ideally, this set has 70 heirloom-quality pieces and can provide 20 stage-based activities. Therefore, if you’re looking for a toy that will help your baby or toddler with hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and spatial awareness then looks no further than a wooden block set.

Sensory Strands

Perfect for kids aged 0-12 months, this sensory strand is secure and will give your child even more to discover peek-a-boo, reaching, gripping, new sensations, and texture. This product attaches securely to the Play Gym in seconds with its integrated safety loop and straps. It is made of 10% polyester silk and 90% organic cotton and only weighs 4.1oz.

The Play Gym

Babies are active by nature. If you have a baby, you can take advantage of that natural instinct by picking up a play gym. Play gyms give your child an area where they can safely crawl and explore their surroundings, while also allowing you to see what they’re doing at all times. It is designed by child development experts and it is made with healthy, safe, and durable materials

Montessori Placemat and Utensils

This is a great way to make mealtime fun, by letting your child play with his or her food while they learn how to use utensils. The placemat comes with a fork, spoon, and knife that you can easily wipe clean after each use. These child-size stainless steel silverware come with a colorful placemat that is made of 100% organic cotton and all are dishwasher and washing machine (napkins) safe.

Black and White Cards

Babies love black and white patterns, especially vertical ones like stripes. So it’s a good idea to create a black and white game that your baby will enjoy. These cards have high-contrast images with different pattern complexity that assist kids to strengthen and develop their vision.

The Montessori Playshelf

Playing with toys is a great way to develop your baby’s motor skills, language, and imaginative play. This Montessori Playshelf is a 2-in-1 shelf that makes toy storage and rotation simple. It will display an optimal number of playthings at a time and will keep out-of-rotation toys out of the site to ensure clutter-free playspace.

Babies love toys. Of course, how your baby interacts with his toys depends on his age and skill level. Whether you need a gift for your child or someone else’s baby shower, the list above is the best toy present sure to be welcomed by everyone.