What To Know About Lancome Eye Serum

Lancome, the world-renowned cosmetics company is known for its luxury hues, claiming to create “the finest in color and care.” With most products worth thousands of dollars and exclusive distribution worldwide, it’s no wonder that this brand is so difficult to find in your local drug store. If you’re interested in becoming a customer of this luxurious line but don’t want to spend all of your money on it, then you’ll be glad to know that Lancome offers an extensive portfolio of less expensive beauty products. Over the years, many of these have consistently catered to the women who can’t afford their luxury lines, while still being effective and well-regarded. We’ve rounded up Lancome’s best products to become customers of this great brand.

Lancome’s best eye mask: Eye Perfection Mascara/Serum Duo

The magical wonders of puffy eyes are brought to you on a daily basis by TV makeup artists, magazines and other beauty gurus. This eye serum does wonders for makeup and is ideal for use both before and after application. The easy to use applicator not only helps with fine lines, but also removes any caked on makeup that might be in the corners of your eyes. The small bottle is perfect for your purse, so you can take it on-the-go to apply when needed throughout the day.

Lancome’s best lip scrub: Lip Scrub

No one likes it when their lips are flaky and chapped – especially not your friends when you’re kissing them. To help avoid that dreaded look, Lancome’s lip scrub is the perfect solution. It contains an exfoliating gel to buff away dead skin and smooth the area, as well as an odorless moisturizer to hydrate afterwards. This product is perfect for all of your lip-smacking friends who love to show off the latest lip glosses and colors.

Lancome’s best brow treatment: Brow Defining Pencil

The tiny hairs on your face are hard to keep track of, especially if they get out of control like some people’s do. As you age, your eyebrow hairs also begin to thin out, leaving less hair than when you were younger.